“Chris and his Shed-team somehow managed to capture everything that is important to us at Boomworks and deliver it in the form of an environmentally conscious, friendly and creative workspace. The pride we have in working here is equalled by the joy in watching clients go wide-eyed as they walk into the building for the first time and come to understand a little more about what is Boomworks”.
Grant Klein        Managing Director Boomworks


“The renovation of a heritage-listed terrace into a modern home was achieved by Shed with creative use of space and combining the elements of glass and steel. First time visitors who enter the home are overwhelmed by the ‘garden oasis’ and the living area that has been created behind the facade of a 19th century Paddington terrace”.
Owner        Paddington House


Yeee babeeee….looks f*****g AWESOME!!!!!!!!
Paul Fischmann        CEO  8 Hotels